Hi everyone, I’m John Bochtis and I would like to welcome you to PC Hardware News.

Over the last few years, I have been learning a lot of stuff regarding PC Hardware and how all the different components work together to create this amazing experience which a modern PC provides. I remember spending many hours every day searching on the Internet in order to learn all the necessary information to be able to build my first custom PC. When I finally assembled my rig, I sensed a feeling of fulfillment because I knew that all the searching and looking up of information had gotten me my first PC. I thought that it was something I made on my own through personal effort and that’s why I felt this type of accomplishment. I think that many of you who have walked the same path as me, understand what I’m trying to say.

After looking through many different sites which I personally like and after years of buying PC components for my own rig, I came up with the idea of creating a website which should appeal to people who have the same passion and interest as me. I wanted to create an online place which not only recommended certain PC parts which could be bought but also where PC components and games could be reviewed.

One more aspect which should be addressed in the PC community, in my opinion, is the false interpretation and misleading information which is out there on the wide web. Many times sensitive subjects in the PC world like overclocking, how much money should be spent on a gaming or professional rig, what 80+Bronze-silver-gold-platinum on a power supply really means and many other, are misunderstood or interpreted falsely. So I want to make sure that these “PC Myths”, as I like to call them, will be clarified.

I’m also eager to provide you with good deals and sales offers on PC components and games because I believe that besides PC parts, games are the second most important thing a PC enthusiast should invest his money for a great experience.


Some Information About Me

My name is John Bochtis, I am 27 years old and from warm and sunny Greece.

Many years ago, when I still was a little boy, I recall a certain affiliation towards technology. Growing up in the ’90s, like many of you, I can still remember the joy when I got my first GameBoy back in 1997 as well as my first game which was Pokemon Red. I was stuck on my GameBoy for many hours every day which I thoroughly enjoyed in contradiction to my parents who regretted getting me the GameBoy in the first place.

Three years later I received my PlayStation along with my first game Crash Bandicoot( yeah I’m sure you’ve played that, it is a masterpiece-trilogy) but no memory card… Anyways, I was impressed by it and played many hours every day thinking about the sheer awesomeness of the graphics and the gameplay.

Years passed by I moved back to Greece at the age of 12 (forgot to mention that I was born and raised up in Germany), finished school and got my first laptop. All this time I hadn’t played video games much and when I got the laptop I bought GTAV and couldn’t believe how much the graphics and the aesthetics of games had improved. I thought that this was the best possible experience a gamer could have…

…Until I assembled my gaming rig. Then I realized that there was no limit to what you could do. Thousands of PC components available, hundreds of sites dedicated to this amazing audience, the digitalization of games. This impressive community of PC enthusiasts such as myself is growing all the time. And I wanted to be part of this and offer my own services as a proud member of the PC community.

That’s why I can assure you that I will provide the best possible services and products on this website because when you do something with passion and persistence and personal love, the outcome is going to be good.

If you ever need to contact me in regards to questions on PC hardware or games feel free to do so by leaving a comment below. You can also contact me on my e-mail address: johnb@johnpchardware.com or at support@johnpchardware.com and make sure to visit this site regularly as it will be updated constantly with all the latest news and information.

Anyways, I wish you all the best and thank you for dropping by and investing time to read this.



John Bochtis

Founder of PC Hardware News