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EA and Dice have come up with another installment of the Battlefield franchise. This Bf1time their new game is entitled Battlefield One. Now you are probably asking why this game isn’t named Battlefield 5 which would be a logical thing to do, considering the fact that their previous title was Battlefield 4. 

Well, it has to do with the timeline in which the game takes place. Battlefield One takes place during the period of WW1 (1914-1918). So, you can expect rifles, trenches, flare guns, armored trains and anything that is related to that time period.
But let’s get onto the actual game, shall we?

Battlefield 1 takes advantage of the impressive game engine Frostbite which provides Bf1 graphicsthe game with stunning graphics, impressive scenery, and beautiful surroundings. By the first time you play the game you’ll be impressed by how beautiful and realistic this game actually looks and feels. You’ve got everything you’d ask for from buildings to landscapes, from red colored fields to deadly trenches. Dice has really come up with a visually stunning game which will capture you from the first moment.

I still remember when I played the map ” Fao Fortress “for the first time and I took a glance at the beautiful waters beneath the fortress. It’s something you have to watch for yourself.



Let’s be honest here. Battlefield 1 never intended to represent the true aesthetics of the first World War. After all, it is still a game. So if you are looking for a game which will deliver real WW1 combat, this game is not for you. However, if you take the game for what it is, besides the gameplay aesthetics, it is actually pretty accurate in all other aspects. You play as a soldier of different nations which participated in WW1. There is Germany, Italy, Austro-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire and Britain in the base game. Dice has brought in for Premium members(those who actually bought either the Season Pass or every DLC separately) France and will continue to expand the Bf1 experience with the second DLC (In The Name Of The Tsar), which is coming in September, with the addition of Russia.

The game consists of both a single player and a multiplayer.

  • Single Player

In the single player, you participate in 6 different stories, which happen independently of each other. You can play these little campaigns in whatever order you like. They may be small in length, however, they give a great picture of little side stories and emphasize on the everyday heroes in WW1. You really get attached to the personality of the main character in every story and get an overall perspective of the different situations and threads these people had to deal with.

Every campaign is based on real war stories which actually happened during that time. Dice actually tried to compose the Single Player in a different way than previous installments of the series where you’d play through a whole campaign continuously. Personally, I like this transition as it may be short but compelling, engaging and it leaves you with time to enjoy the true masterpiece of the game, which is the Multiplayer.

  • Multiplayer

And here we come to the core, the very flesh of the game. It is in Multiplayer where Dice has put most of their effort and it really pays off.

There are various game modes in Bf1, many of which are similar to the previous games. So you get to play in game modes like:

  1. Domination where you try to capture the flags with your team in a small area of the map. The first team which reaches 200 kills wins. The more flags you capture, the more points you earn.
  2. Deathmatch is basically pretty simple to explain. The first team who reaches 100 kills wins.
  3. Conquest is a flag capturing game mode. The difference with Domination is that you run across the whole map and you need to get  1000 kills to win.
  4.  In Rush, you try to capture artillery objectives. As the attacking team, you must destroy the telegraphs of your enemy. This happens in sections of the map. Whenever you destroy telegraphs A and B you continue to the next section of the map, until all the telegraphs are destroyed.
  5. War Pigeons is a mode where you have to capture three pigeons as a team in order to win. These pigeons contain codes for artillery barrages which are being unleashed upon the enemy. By capturing three pigeons your team wins.
  6. Frontlines is a new game mode first introduced in DLC content. There is a line of points which need to be captured. This line can end either on your team’s side or on the enemy’s side. When you reach enemyterritory,, your team has to destroy two telegraphs A and B in order to win. This mode is unique because opposing teams can move back and forth on this line depending on whether they conquer a point or lose it.
  7. Operations is a brand new game mode which takes place on the whole map. This time WW1 is being revealed in full force with planes, tanks, stationary weapons, and horses(yeah there are horses too in this game and they are overpowered). The attacking team needs to conquer flags in sections of the map before moving forward to the next section. The defending team needs to defend those flags. The team which first captures all flags wins. In Operations the attacking team has 3 rounds to attack. When the map ends the teams are transferred to a new map where they continue the war. Operations can expand to up to 3 maps but usually, consists of 2 consecutive maps.



There are four classes in the game Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. BF1 Classes

  •  Assault is the “infantry” class. You are able to play with shotguns, Automaticos and are equipped with grenades, Anti-Tank guns, and dynamite.
  • Medic is the doctor of the game. You are able to heal you comrades and provide them with the first aid which increases their health. Without medics, your team is screwed. Period.
  • Support contains all the heavy weaponry in the form of heavy machine guns. You are the “ammo guy”. You provide your team with ammo which is essential for a team’s win.
  • Scout is the sniper. You get your enemies from further away distances than the other classes. Besides that, the scout class is the one which spots most of the enemies because they can see where others can’t.

Every class comes equipped with second-hand guns which can prove really helpful when you are out of ammo or need to reload but don’t have the time because an enemy soldier is rushing onto you.


Just like in previous games in Bf1 you team up with other 4 squad members which you can chat with privately within the game. You can distinguish them because they have the same color as you within the game.

Dice has recently introduced a new feature which allows players to join distinct squads with certain names.  So if you join a Bf1 community and they have a certain squad name you can join them and your name in Bf1 will be highlighted with your new squad name. You can only be a member of ONE squad at a time. The name of the squad will also appear on the weapon you are using in the game.



The weapons used in Bf1 were pretty much used during the World War 1 period. Some Bf1 Weaponsweapons, however, which were in the stage of development during the period 1914-1918, were actually implemented into the game which gives the player actually a better gaming experience because the variety of weapons would be really small if only real WW1 weapons would be included.

Weather Effects

Dice has really done a great job considering the various weather effects in the game. For example, when you are in the desert on the map “Suez” or “Sinai Desert” and a sandstorm comes up you can’t really see a dime. Which makes the whole situation you are in even more intriguing because you are aware of the fact that your enemy can’t see, too. Just be cautious not getting killed by a Sniper while roaming around the map.bf1 weather effects



Dice has recorded real gun sounds for each and every weapon used in the game which delivers, therefore, a pretty realistic experience when shooting a gun. The sound effects are really well made, from the approaching of an enemy behind you to the sound of a fellow soldier screaming while getting killed. Everything sounds pretty realistic and well made, more so when you play with 7.1 surround head phones.




The optimization efforts put into this game are marvelous. On 1080p even with an RX 470, the game can be maxed out at 60 fps. For 1440p a Gtx 1060-RX 480(580) can be enough to max out the game at this resolution. For older graphics cards which share similar performance a Gtx 970 or an R9 390 should be enough. For 4k most people should be ok with a Gtx 1080 for 60 fps.

Taking into consideration the impressive graphics, this level of optimization is something that I personally never expected. Well done, Dice.


Pros :                                                                                      

  • Impressive Graphics
  • Excellent Gameplay both SP and MP
  • Great sound and weather effects
  • Impressive Optimization



 Cons :

  •  1. Short Multiplayer Campaign
  • 2. Game can end up being repetitive if the same maps are being played over and over again



Rating: 9,5/10

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