Providing individual product reviews is a great way to inform you about new product releases as I can really go into depth and give you a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the product making the choice for you easier of whether a specific product is worth buying or not. That is the whole purpose of my “Product Reviews” section, to help you find great products in the PC market for your specific needs.

Many times, however, individual product reviews are not what you (or me) are looking for because we want to be able to take a look at many products at once and decide what products fit out needs better. I myself, keep checking “Best Of Lists” on Google and that is why I decided to include them on my website to help you choose from a variety of products. That is exactly what you will find in my “Best Of Lists” section of my website.

Here are the 5 benefits of “Best Of Lists”:

1. They provide a quick overview of a variety of products making your buying choice much easier.

2. Quick and easy comparisons can be made without you having to scroll through many pages to find the best product.

3. As with individual reviews, I provide a “View On Amazon” link at the bottom of each listed product so that you can take an instant look at current prices on Amazon. Supposedly, another company is more worth buying from I will include this company’s name at the “View On” link.

4. Sometimes it is hard to provide enough details for one product to justify an individual product review. By adding the product to a Best Of List, I ensure that a short review of it can be read by you along with other similar products making for an interesting and compelling read.

5. “Best Of Lists” is a win-win situation for both you and me. By seeing a title like “Best PC cases of 2018” or “Top #10 motherboards for gaming motherboards”, you are much more likely to click on these links in Google. You have to understand that I need exposure to reach out to you and Best Of Lists are a really good way to do that.


I can confirm that all products listed were chosen because of the value they offer you as products and not because of their price. In most of my reviews, I choose products that are low-cost and give you the best value for your spent money. I am not an advocate of “higher price equals better performance” as this is not the case especially in the PC Hardware niche. You want to balance out prices and compare them with the actual performance you get in return for your spent money. This is the principle based on which I buy most of the parts for my PC and I strongly believe that you should buy according to that principle, too.

Thank you for reading through this. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat with me, consider following me on social media. If you like my website and are interested in getting notified when I a write new pieces of content, join my email-list which you can find at my site’s sidebar.


John Bochtis

Founder of PC Hardware News




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