2017 the year of controversial game development

We have now officially entered the year 2018 and the previous year has been quite a rollercoaster for the gaming community.  2017 was a very interesting year for the Pc gamer as it marked the release of both amazing as well as lackluster games. While for the most gamers,  2017 was the year of “microtransactions” and “locking content behind a paywall” (yes, you guessed it I’m referring to Star Wars Battlefront II and Destiny 2) I will leave the negativity behind and focus on the 2 best Pc games the year 2017 had to offer.


Ubisoft got back on track with Assassins Creed Origins

Despite the fact that game developers like EA and Activision have tried to empty our wallets by forcing microtransactions down our throat, Ubisoft, although being accused of underdelivering the last few years in their most successive franchise “Assassins Creed”,  managed to release an impressive game in the form of Assassins Creed Origins.  Perhaps the one year off that Ubisoft took in game development allowed them to reshape Assassins Creed by creating a beautiful environment in a time period, many of you will agree, is very interesting: Ancient Egypt in the years of Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar. Ubisoft managed to add new elements to  Assassins Creed Origins while still maintaining all those little details that make Assassins Creed as a franchise distinguishable.


In order to not bore you with generic information, let me go into detail why Assassins Creed Origins is a game worth investing in whether you are a long-time fan of the franchise or a newcomer.


Assassins Creed Origins’ story is well-crafted and greatly executed

In case you happened to play an Assassins Creed game in the past you know already that Ubisoft’s franchise is story-driven. Starting with Altair in the Holy Land of Damascus with the first game in the 13th-century  up to the more recent events in Queen Victoria’s London of the 19th century featuring the twins Jacob and Evie Fry. The franchise was always pushing the timeline forward with many fans expecting an Assassins Creed game in our timeline.

Well, that did not happen. Ubisoft announced that they will go back to Egypt of the Roman times where they will tell the story of the origins of the Assassins. The character development evolves around Bayek, a protector of the Pharaoh from the small village of Siwa whose son got murdered by a group of people who wanted to acquire godly powers.

They assumed that Bayek, as the protector of the Pharaoh knew something about unlocking those kinds of powers and took his son captive in order to threaten him. After Bayek tried to fight back and save his son and himself, they tricked him to kill his own son. At that moment, Bayek made it his life’s purpose to avenge his son’s death by killing those responsible. He is a hero who has a kind heart and is helping the poor and weak but his thirst for revenge made him a killer. Together with his love, Aya, they swore to find those responsible for the death of their son.

Their journey leads them to team up with Cleopatra, who wants to reclaim Egypt’s throne after her brother Ptolemaeus named himself Pharaoh of Egypt. Further on, Bayek gets introduced to the well known Julius Caesar and many unwritten and unspoken truths about Altair and the first Levantine Brotherhood come to light.

I will not continue unveiling more details about the story of Assassins Creed Origins as my intention is to make this review as spoiler-free as possible. All in all, the story is compelling, interesting, aggressive and emotional. Ubisoft really worked towards making an intriguing story which will make you come back to the game again and again.

Gameplay elements have been added while still maintaining the proper level of authenticity of an Assassins Creed game









As I mentioned before, Ubisoft decided to take a break from the year after year release of games and focused on creating new elements which have been added to the game while still keeping the original feel of an Assassins Creed game intact.  You can clearly say that Ubisoft has hit the sweet spot between revolutionizing the game while still making the game feel as Assassins Creed as ever.

Some newly added elements are:

  • RPG kind of progression was added to the game

Assassins Creed Origins is being conceived as a game with strong RPG elements with all of the character’s equipment, such as swords, crossbows, and clothes being upgradable. You can even change between camel and horse as your means of transport through deserts and cities. Your character is leveling up and though you are free to go from Siwa to the pyramids or Alexandria or any other place you want, you will be restricted by the level you are on at that moment. What is the point of traveling all that distance through the desert only to get killed by a hippopotamus 10 levels higher than you?

Additionally, in the menu, you have an upgrade tree with a ton of upgrades which will add new features to your playing style. These features extend from combat abilities to gaining EP quicker to change from day to night in an instant.

  • With Senu, your owl, you can fly above enemies and highlight them and even damage them











Senu is your best friend in Assassins Creed Origins. Whether you want to highlight nearby enemies or find your primary target you can deploy Senu at any time to help you infiltrate easier into enemy territory. Often times, I got into an enemy camp only to find out that the enemies are 10 or more levels above me. Not recommended. Senu will help you avoid unwanted situations.


  • Enemies will be aware of your presence and will get more aggressive if you fail to complete the mission

Trying to take out a target and getting killed will leverage the level of suspiciousness of your enemies. It is like they know that someone tried to assassinate them. Sounds normal right? Well not for Assassins Creed until this point.

Assassins Creed Origins focuses on environmental responsiveness throughout the game. If you get killed by enemies they will know that someone tried to kill them, if you kill enemies in Alexandria the citizens will start running and screaming. If you push someone he will get angry at you and may start insulting you. Attacking at night will give you an advantage as many soldiers will be sleeping and this will make your task much easier to accomplish.

Ubisoft was often accused of creating beautiful but empty worlds in recent games. This may be the case but that does not apply to Assassins Creed Origins. The game is huge, beautiful and responsive. You really feel like being in Egypt. I was fascinated after reaching Alexandria by how beautiful the city is and how well they recreated the library of Alexandria and the grave of Alexander The Great. While their interpretation of ancient Greek is not perfect, I can appreciate the effort Ubisoft made to create a living language as it must have been in Alexandria back then (the Greeks were the powerholders back then and the Egyptians were the lower class).


  • You can hunt animals to upgrade your gear and weapons

A feature first introduced in Assassins Creed III, Origins lets you hunt owls, hippopotamus, tigers, and deer in order to upgrade your weaponry. A feature which was once a boring must-do process has turned into a fun activity with a purpose. The hunting of animals is extremely fun and the animals are deadlier than ever. I have found myself pushing my quest aside only to hunt some animals for fun. Try it out for yourself, you will not regret it.  But do not try to attack a higher level hippopotamus or tiger. You will regret it a few seconds later.

Graphics are the best I have ever seen in a video game









Graphics have always been Ubisoft’s strong selling point and they did not fail to deliver outstanding graphics with Assassins Creed Origins. The sheer beauty of ancient Egypt is being perfectly represented in this game. Everything from the mighty pyramids to the cities and wildlife is looking stunning and the game will impress you more and more as you discover new places. The view of the desert after climbing on the pyramids is astounding.

On the other hand, the game is graphically demanding especially if you want to play everything on ultra. But even on Low, the game does not fail to deliver in that aspect. There is not much else to say regarding the graphics. I only encourage you to check out yourself by watching the video below:


Optimization is great considering how huge the game is

If you are active in the gaming community, you have probably heard it before: Assassins Creed Origins is badly optimised because even a Gtx 1080ti cannot hit  120+fps in 1080p. Another complaint is the fact that the game drains too much CPU power even with CPUs with more than 4 cores. Do not get me wrong, Assassins Creed Origins is very CPU-intensive indeed but considering how much rendering power a game of this size needs it is normal that even powerful CPUs will struggle especially when trying to hit higher FPS.

Having played the game myself I never considered the game to be CPU-bound. An overclocked i5 should be able to keep up with a Gtx 1080 for this game. The game, in reality, is much more restricted by the performance of the GPU. In my case, with a Gtx 1080 at 1440p I am 90% of the time getting from 60-90 fps with the settings maxed out. In cities like Alexandria, I get restricted by my CPU with my fps going down to 50 or 60. Most of the time, however, I am getting around 70 fps.



Ubisoft proved that they are capable of delivering an amazing gaming experience with Assassins Creed Origins. The story is great, new elements have been added to the game which makes the whole experience more refreshing while older ones are still there to remind us that we are playing an actual Assassins Creed game.

The gaming environment is amazing, you truly feel like being a part of Egypt in the Roman ages. If you had lost your interest in the Assassins Creed franchise, maybe this is the time to come back to it and discover a beautiful new world with lots of interesting side quests. If you are new to Assassins Creed, Origins is a great starting point for you to get into the franchise.

Whether old or new, Assassins Creed Origins has something interesting for everyone. I highly recommend to check the game’s trailer:


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Wolfenstein II, The New Colossus is one of the main reasons why 2017 was a successful gaming year


Bethesda is known to be able to create immersively story-driven shooters and RPG games. Fallout and Dishonored are two examples of Bethesda’s ability to create games which feature excellent stories and have great gameplay mechanics. Bethesda is also known for their Wolfenstein franchise. Wolfenstein was first launched back in the 90’s with Wolfenstein’s II predecessor being released in 2014. Wolfenstein II was released on October 27th and claimed the “Game Of The Year” award a few months later.

Bethesda succeeded because they focused on things other game developers and publishers could not realize: The gaming community is in desperate need of quality campaigns and single player games. Multiplayer is not always the reason why players come back to a specific game. Wolfenstein II has great replay value even though Bethesda focused on “only” creating a single player campaign. They did not try to shift their focus to multiplayer and create a “somewhat good single player experience”. By putting all their efforts to enhance the single-player experience of Wolfenstein II,  they managed to create an outstanding game.

Wolfenstein’s II campaign feels like a well-written war movie where you, the player, call the shots.

Before jumping to the story of Wolfenstein II, let me make a small introduction to the events unfolding from Wolfenstein, The New Order:

The story is amazing and addictive. You just can not get yourself to close the game as you are intrigued to find out what will happen next.  The story continues where Wolfenstein, The New Order, left off.  Not wanting to spoil any information I will give you the general idea of Wolfenstein, the New Order before moving on to our actual game. These two games need to be played together if you want the best experience possible.

The story of Wolfenstein, The New Order takes place around 20 years after WWII  in an alternate reality where the Nazis have won the war against the American troops. The Nazis have turned the world into a war field, spreading their agenda across the globe. People get imprisoned because they do not fit into their “racial image” and the whole world has been rebuilt with concrete and metal. What once was a beautiful world has now been turned into an industrial, abysmal world of concrete where destroying machines are built in order to support the Nazi’s agenda.

You play as William Joseph Blazkowicz, an American army captain and secret agent who is a Nazi killing machine. After the war, you were treated in a hospital for mentally diseased people for 14 years where you lost track of time and space. There you met your future wife, Anya who worked at the hospital and took care of you before the Nazis decided to close it down. You then follow Anya and decide to help her parents to get rid of the Nazi plague who hunted them.

Desperate to find your former war buddies, you join an operation to infiltrate a Nazi base where, supposedly, your friends are being held captive waiting for execution. After successfully infiltrating the base, you rejoin your friends but the Nazi  General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse catches you and forces you to either kill Wyatt or Fergus Reid. Depending on what you choose, you end up with two different endings.


Wolfenstein II, The New Colossus starts off with Blazkowicz in hospital


After rejoining with your comrades, you decide to take on the Nazis and destroy their base. The story continues for many hours until we get to the story of Wolfenstein II: You wake up in hospital after an act of self-sacrifice to destroy the Nazi’s base. You barely made it out alive bu the Nazis are after you with General Engel pulling the strings of the Nazi’s war machine. They find you and you have to fight your way out while shooting from a wheelchair. You prove once more that you are destructive unbeatable war machine and get out alive and rejoin your friends who will, with your help, destroy General Engel once and for all.

The story may seem generic the way I present it but remember that I am just trying to give you a general glance at what is going on in Wolfenstein I and II. I strongly recommend you play The New Order first before starting The New Colossus. I will have links at the end of my review where you can buy both games at a competitive price if you are interested.

Wolfenstein II is emotionally packaged due to excellent character writing and development. The game is extremely fun not only as a first-person shooter but also the story itself can be really fun at times. I like how the Bethesda managed to craft characters and give feminine characters a central role in the story (besides William Joseph Blazkowicz of course) while still making them look vulnerable and emotionally attached to other persons in the game.

Bethesda managed to create a game where characters have a central role and evolve as the game unfolds. Blazkowicz is a jacked, ruthless Nazi killing machine but sweet and loving to his wife Anya.  Anya is one of the masterminds behind the execution of the Nazis and a strong woman but still emotionally attached to Blazkowicz and caring about her baby who she carries in her stomach.

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus is one of the best first-person shooter games I have ever played









All these emotional, brutal and fun moments have been blended into a game which could have easily launched as a movie if it were not for the excellent gunplay featured in the game. From the first moment in the game, you can feel how well executed the gunplay feels. From the character’s moving to the shooting of weapons, there is nothing negative you can say about the game’s mechanics. You can even shoot with two weapons simultaneously while moving through dead bodies of Nazis which you leave behind. You really feel like an invincible  Nazi killing machine and as you progress through the game you gain new abilities which will help you in battle.

The menu’s structure is easy to follow. You can modify weapons, unlock new weapon functions and you can also go back to the menu if you forgot how to use a certain ability. Modifying weapons has a great impact on your play style and you can configure it to your liking. Wielding dual weapons is a great way of increasing your firepower against hordes of Nazis coming at you at full force. The game at times encourages you to use brute force to fight your way through, while, on other occasions, prompts you to go stealth and silently take out your enemies.

Whatever approach you decide to use, it is eventually up to you to decide. While the story is linear, you still have to use your brain to find a way to enter the next building or exit a room or even find your way to a certain room in your home base. Wolfenstein II, The New Colossus is definitely a brutal, first-person shooter game but it is by no means a brainless shooting experience.


The game looks impressive and its sound effects are great










Wolfenstein II is an AAA title and therefore has been created with great graphics and sound in mind. Graphically speaking, the game looks stunning. From facial animations to water reflections and the crafting of the post-war Nazi world, there is really nothing to complain about the game’s graphical fidelity.

Sound effects, voice acting and small environmental sound details are also top-notch in the game.

Check out the video below by Jackfrags to take a glance at Wolfenstein’s II gameplay:

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Wolfenstein II is an impressive game and one the best First-Person Shooters I have ever played

There is really nothing to complain about  Wolfenstein II, The New Colossus. In the fields of story-telling, gameplay, character development and graphics the game does nothing less than impress. Bethesda managed to put other game developers to shame who were convinced the linear single player campaigns are a thing of the past. Not only that, but they also managed to win the award for game of the year, which they deserve in my opinion. I am still playing the game and I surely will continue going back to it due to great side missions and after game content.

Check out the trailer for the game:


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