The power of the internet in today’s world

In today’s world, the internet has become a necessity. Besides the negative aspects of the wide web everyone is talking about and the digitalization of our world, the fact is that everyone complaining about the internet does it through their smartphone or computer. The average person checks their phone 110 times a day according to recent studies and the biggest reason for that kind of addiction is the internet. It has become irresistible surfing the net and while we could go on talking all day long about the negative aspects of being a member of the online world, in this post we will be talking about the best way to protect yourself against potential cyber attacks and gathering of your personal sensitive information by using an online protection wall called VPN.

Why you should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is your ticket granting you safe access to the internet no matter where you are in the world. Apart from protecting your sensitive information like credit cards and passwords from being stolen, a VPN also lets you enjoy your favorite movies and series no matter where you are in the world, by unlocking geographically restricted content. You can be in China and watch Netflix without problems by connecting to a VPN server located in the US. It is as simple as clicking a button and the internet will recognize your location as being in the US although your true location could be anywhere else.

If you want to know in detail how a VPN service works, what it can offer you and why you will never surf the web again without it once you get to know its benefits, click on this link.



In this video you can witness how a VPN works and why it is essential to use when surfing the web:

The best VPN service on the market in terms of price and performance 

When it comes to using a VPN, you should never go for a free of charge service as those can turn you into a customer instead of offering you their services as their customer. What I mean by that is that many free VPN service providers use your personal information and sell them to other companies. That is how they make money and most of the time you do not realize that you are their product instead of their customer until it is too late. By that time, your personal data is long gone and there is nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

The right way to choose a VPN is by looking only at paid ones with a ton of positive reviews and recommendations all over the internet. I have done the work for you as I had been searching for days trying to find the best VPN Service provider in the world and after having personally used it for many months I can confirm that NordVPN takes the winning spot as the best and cheapest VPN service.


Watch the comparison video between a free and paid VPN:

Let me give you the top #5 reasons why NordVPN is better than their competition:

  1. NordVPN has excellent reviews in Trustpilot, vpnMentor, and Amazon.
  2. NordVPN does not keep track of your data and has no mandatory data retention law as their headquarters are located in Panama.
  3. NordVPN has an easy-to-use interface and has servers all around the world, making it easy to connect to one of their servers. Connect to any server you want by simply choosing a server on their provided world map.
  4. NordVPN lets you connect up to 6 devices simultaneously on the same account. The next best VPN, ExpressVPN allows only for three connections. By going with NordVPN, you can even share your account with friends or family. No need to buy an additional account.
  5. NordVPN is fast and reliable. While server overload is something that might happen no matter what VPN you use, I have seldom suffered from server disconnections or slow internet speed. Expect a 20-30% speed reduction with any VPN because your data has to go through an encryption tunnel before reaching the desired destination. Most of the time, however, a slow internet speed was caused by an overloaded server or an ISP problem.

NordVPN Special Features

  • CyberSec

Cybersec is an additional feature which you can turn on in order to protect you against malicious websites and advertisements. It is a unique feature which basically functions as both an Antivirus and AdBlocker.


  • Internet Killswitch and App Killswitch

Internet Killswitch tells your computer to never grant you access to the internet without being connected to NordVPN first. This is especially useful if you tend to forget to connect to your VPN first before accessing your browser.

App Killswitch lets you choose which applications to shut down if your VPN connection suddenly drops. This should not be of importance to most people but if you are using a program or app which has access to your private information, you can select it to shut down should your VPN disconnect.


  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) vs User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

    TCP and UDP are types of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic and determine the way information and data are being sent and received across the internet.

TCP is a connection-based data transfer method. One individual source of data is sent to the target. This type of data transfer is more secure but slower as individual data is being sent and not multiple chunks of data at once. it has higher reliability than UDP and should be used when sensitive information needs to reach the target IP such as accessing your web banking account or completing a purchase through Paypal (I hope that you are ONLY using Paypal when buying something online)

UDP is not connection-based. Multiple streams of data are being sent as packages to the target IP. It is not guaranteed that your data will reach its target IP.  UDP attempts to send out packages of data as fast and efficient as possible resulting in quicker transmission speed perfectly suitable for games and other online activities like video calls through Skype or Messenger, for example.

The fact that NordVPN grants you permission to choose between those two protocols are unique and an indication that they are offering the customer the freedom to choose how they want their information to travel across the internet. Most users should be fine leaving it on UDP (that is what I do basically) as I really care about speed and efficiency because I play online games.


  • Custom DNS

NordVPN goes as far as allowing you to set up your own DNS through their interface. Normally, if you want to change the DNS you have to go into the wifi or ethernet settings (depending on how you are connected to the web) and look for the IP4 protocol and set it up that way. Here, NordVPN offers you an option to change your DNS instantly by simply adding your custom DNS into their app. Most users should not even bother changing the DNS as the VPN automatically connects to the best DNS provider according to the server you are currently connected to.


  • Obfuscated Servers

Some countries have restrictions on using a VPN and have implemented censorship laws for anyone who uses a VPN in their country. If you connect to a VPN server in Saudi Arabia, for example, you will be in deep trouble if the government realizes you are using a VPN in their country. By selecting the obfuscated server option, NordVPN will automatically bypass any server with censorship restrictions for you. This will slow down your internet connection substantially because bypassing a server means that you may have to connect to a more distant server but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?


  • Browser extensions

Browser extensions are extremely practical. Just log into your NordVPN account and install the extensions for the browser of your choice. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supported. Even if the website you access is not secure (http://) the extensions make sure that your current IP address gets replaced with one of their existing 4100 IP addresses. Enjoy protected access to any website without worrying about IP leaking.

If you want to watch a step-by step guide on how to configure NordVPN for Windows easily and quickly, watch the video below:


Connection Safety and Level of Protection

NordVPN provides 256-bit encrypted level of protection, discouraging anyone from accessing your data online. Even if they accidentally get their hands on your sensitive information, they will never be able to decipher it as all the information would be encrypted and unreadable.

You can even choose to encrypt your information twice through the feature called double encryption which adds another protection level if the information you are about to send is really important. Keep in mind, however, that your internet speed will suffer if you turn it on.

With NordVPN you are 99% sure that your data will be in safe hands. Take note that no VPN can 100% guarantee your protection and anonymity as it vastly depends on how you use the internet and what websites you access. At least you want to make sure that you are as close as possible to 100% protection when you spend your money on a VPN. NordVPN is your best bet when it comes to browsing anonymously and protected.

Internet Connection Speed

NordVPN, like any other VPN, will reduce your internet speed as I mentioned before, although the reduction in speed is minimal. If you experience huge speed reductions or disconnections try to connect to another server or check your internet connection. A slow internet connection cannot be compensated by a VPN. In case it is NordVPN’s fault, send an email to their support team, they should answer you immediately and deal with your problem.

Below you can see two pictures of Speedtest, the most reliable app worldwide when it comes to checking internet speed. The first one is with no VPN connection and the second one with VPN connection.

NordVPN Disabled

NordVPN Enabled






As you can see, the only difference is in upload speeds as the VPN has to encrypt your information before sending it. Download speeds are almost unaffected and the ping increase is minor, which means that if you find a low load server near your location, you can easily enjoy online gaming with your VPN turned on.

Accessibility and Customer Support

With 4100 servers in over 60 countries, you should not run into a problem connecting to a NordVPN server near to your location. NordVPN works perfectly well on your smartphone, too. Simply download their app on Google Play, log into your existing account and your smartphone will be added to the list of protected devices.

Their customer support is quick to reply and very friendly. I have not encountered any problems yet when trying to communicate with them and their answers are always short and precise.


Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

NordVPN offers a monthly, yearly, 2-year and a 77% discount 3-year subscription plan.

While the 3 first plans are worth it, the real deal breaker here is the 77% discount 3-year subscription plan. With only 2,75$/monthly billed every 3 years you get the whole package for only 99$. After extensive research, I could not find another VPN provider to be able to beat that price. And even if someone could come up with an even cheaper plan (2,75$/month for unlimited online protection is definitely worth it the way I see it), they would have a hard time competing with the top-class features NordVPN is offering.

Check out their amazing 3-year deal with a 77% discount by clicking on this link.




NordVPN is your best online friend. No matter what you do online, you always want to make sure that you are protected from online attacks on your personal information and sensitive data. NordVPN is not only the VPN with the most advanced features giving you the freedom to modify every aspect of your internet connection, from double encryption to data transfer methods but it also comes at an unmatched price for the 3-year price plan at only 99$.

You can, of course, go with the monthly plan to give it a go and the 30-day money back guarantee will make it even easier for you to give NordVPN a try. You can check out their other payment options by heading over to their website.

In our times where the internet is becoming an ever-increasing necessity in our lives, being able to enjoy the full experience without having second thoughts about security issues is very important. NordVPN is offering you anonymity and protection with top-notch features such as military-grade encryption and protection from malicious websites at an amazing price. That is why their service gets very positive reviews from thousands of satisfied users around the world. And this number is only going to grow if the team behind NordVPN keeps polishing, optimizing and maintaining their platform and keeping their service consumer-friendly.

I hope that you liked my NordVPN review. It is a VPN I trust and am totally satisfied with. What is your opinion on NordVPN? Do you use a VPN or not? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.













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