Destiny 2 is fantasy-based first-person shooter video game created by a company called “Bungie”, the same exact company who created the “Halo” franchise. Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny originally released back in 2014. Destiny 2 is a game which takes place on different planets in our known universe including our home planet, Earth.

Destiny 2 is fast-paced, original and does tell a certain story which will be explained later on in this review. For now, let me just say that if you like games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Overwatch, you should feel at home with Destiny 2 as it is a combination of those two games in my opinion. Destiny 2 is an open-world game which lets you explore every planet and even teleport to different places whenever you want to.

Let us get on with the actual story of the game:


Story behind Destiny 2




Destiny 2’s universe is ruled by the Traveler’s light. The traveler is a planet right in the center of the Destiny universe which gives its heroes unique abilities and the power to withstand and counter other species which may pose a thread. A new type of thread has entered the Destiny world and has come with the intention to take away the light and use it to empower their own species. This thread is called The Red Legion and its general, Ghaul has laid waste on Earth and has captured the Speaker, a character which supposedly talks on behalf of the Traveler.

The Traveler has the power to choose which species gets the light as their primary source of power and the Guardians (which are the heroes or fighters in Destiny 2) are the chosen ones. Ghaul and his army of the Red Legion has a powerful weapon in their hands, the “Almighty”. The Almighty is a huge “device” which can attach itself to planets and stars and absorb its energy. The Almighty has attached itself to the Traveler and gradually absorbs its energy.

Once the light was gone, all Guardians lost their ability to fight, jump in the air and use their special abilities which left them unable to oppose the Red Legion. Whatever Guardian was left either got killed or retreated to a place called “The Farm”, which is far away from the cities on Earth which got devastated.

After choosing your unique Guardian from 3 distinctive species “Human”, “Exo” and “Awoken”, and customizing your character to your liking you are thrown into battle in the opening scene where after encountering numerous enemies and hostile species, you finally get to the scene where you encounter Ghaul for the first time. At this point, Ghaul has finished absorbing the light from the Traveler and you are left with no abilities getting kicked off by Ghaul onto the ground.

After landing on the ground, deprived of your abilities you realize what damage has been inflicted on your planet by The Red Legion’s actions. After weeks of walking, you are led by an owl to a place where humans have gathered to resist against the enemy. The owl belongs to Hawthorne, a human overlooking the resistance.

Later on, in the game, you take on a mission which gives you back the light and your powers and, from now on, as the only Guardian in the Destiny universe, having regained his original powers you take on missions to take down the Red Legion and their leader Ghaul as well as their powerful and devastating weapon, the Almighty.


Classes and Characters

There are three characters to choose from ( I guess 3 is the magical number in Destiny 2) as inferred before:

  1. Human
  2. Exo
  3. Awoken

Exos are robotic war machines disguised as humans. They often see themselves as humans but they are not. However, they peacefully live alongside regular humans as well as human guardians and Awokens. Some of them have been chosen by the Traveler to serve as Guardians.

Awokens are descendants of humans who have been embraced by the “Darkness” and came back from it looking vastly different from humans. Their grayish color distinct them from humans as well as their colorful eyes.

As far as classes go you can choose again from 3 classes, each of which has unique abilities and upgrade systems as you progress through the game. Note that you can not change between characters unless you go through the campaign with each class separately. For example, if you reach Level 20 (which is the highest level you can reach right now) and start a new class you have to start from Level 1 again, which can be annoying in my opinion. The classes are:

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter








Each class has their leader in the game and these three leaders play a major role in the game’s cinematics and story-telling. Every leader (or commander) is being played by actual actors and these characters drive the story forward.

  • Commander Zavala is an Awoken Titan and the leader of the Destiny 2 world and also the commander of the Titan Class.
  • Ikora Rey is the female human Warlock leader and works together closely with Commander Zavala and Cayde-6 to lead the fight against the Red Legion.
  • Cayde-6 is an Exo robot and the leader of the Hunter class. Cayde-6 is the reason why the cutscenes in Destiny 2 are worth watching. He is extremely funny and his role in Destiny is so well-played, I can not imagine how this game would progress without his presence.

Each class is divided into sub-classes granting you unique abilities. You can unlock the subclasses gradually by completing tasks and missions.Every sub-class gives you superpowers which you can unleash upon the enemy and, while each superpower only lasts for a few seconds it can inflict a great amount of damage. Every superpower feels unique and is in alignment with the sub-class you just unlocked.

The enemies you encounter are divided into classes, too. While there is no reason going into detail about the enemy’s  classes, it is good to know that there are 4 different enemy classes which you will encounter in the game. Each class has different defensive skills and they attack you from various distances and with different weapons. The enemy classes are The Cabal, The Fallen, The Hive and The Vex.


The problem is that these differences do not feel substantial because the AI in Destiny 2 is awful. Enemies do not actually attack you are are just standing there and waiting for you to attack them instead. The gameplay does not feel challenging at all until you reach Level 20 and start Strike and Nightfall missions where you encounter hordes of enemies on higher levels. The absence of difficulty levels makes this game even more monotonous in combination with the bad AI development.


Gameplay, Weapons, and Upgradability

Destiny’s gameplay is smooth and fun. Never did I have more fun shooting bad guys in a fantasy-based video game. I have been playing Mass Effect for many hours but never got so excited shooting enemies. The movements, the weapons, and your superpower abilities make Destiny 2 an engaging and fun shooting experience.

The main problem I face with Destiny 2 is its empty world. While the worlds and planets in Destiny 2 are greatly designed and beautiful, they are just…empty. I found myself running huge distances with the sole purpose to reach an objective and besides a variety of side-missions, there are no things that catch your attention while you are running towards your next objective. No engagement with other species, no conversations. The only thing that will distract you from your path is a bunch of enemies which will shoot at you (if you are lucky).

It is a shame that such a beautiful looking game gets diminished by the absence of actual engagement within its world. However, if you can overlook that fact for some reason and focus on the sheer fun of shooting down bad guys, you will find Destiny 2 to be an exciting, engaging and fun adventure.

As far as weapons go Destiny 2 lets you carry three different weapons (there goes the magical number again) and change between them at any time. Variety of weapons include Sniper Rifles, Scout Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Grenade Launchers and Submachine Guns.


The weapons’ feel is amazing but I never observed major differences between weapons apart from the distances and damage you can inflict. Weapon usage feels great, but they are too identical. While I was not expecting a weapon variety like in Battlefield 1 for example,  I surely expected the weapons to be distinguishable, which is not the case in Destiny 2.

I like the easy-to-follow approach on the upgradability in Destiny 2. The game prompts you to continuously upgrade Leg Armor, Chest Armor, Helmet, and Weapons. After you reach max level, you should still complete missions to unlock better equipment which, in return, lets you compete against stronger enemies and will grant you access to even better weapons and armor and the circle goes on and on.

While this upgrade system does not sound very intriguing it is actually really good. The simplicity of this system gives you clarity of what needs to be upgraded. Once you reach Armor level 270, you have reached the max.

The downside is the variety of upgrade choices. Destiny 2 is a paid game which charges you 60$ for it. Free games with a similar feel like Warframe, for example, offer you vastly superior upgrade choices. Simplicity is good but variety should be offered to let you choose between different types of armor and maybe more distinguishable weapons and customization options.


Destiny 2’s microtransactions and DLC content are its biggest issues


Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed Destiny 2 and still do and will be playing it for a couple of months. I may even grab the Expansion Pass. But that is just me. The problem is that Destiny’s campaign feels unfinished as if Bungie did it on purpose to charge an extra 15$ for each of the two expansions coming to the game. DLC content should be banned but I understand that companies are all about money and they need it to develop more content.

At least, make the game feel complete before asking for more money down the line. I can sympathize with the DLC option many companies go for when the base game is complete. But not in this case. The DLC content should have been added to the game and not be sold separately. But that is my opinion.

Microtransactions are the devil in today’s gaming industry. Destiny 2 follows this path, too with microtransactions being added to the game in the form of buying silver to buy upgrades and unique abilities. Those seem pointless, as I was never tempted to buy anything. The microtransactions feel out of place and they should not even be in the game.


Loot Boxes and Shaders, one good and one bad aspect of Destiny 2

Loot are boxes which give you unique weapons and armor and are gained once you defeat an enemy. Loot boxes are great and offer excellent upgradability to your class and character. You are challenged to complete more difficult missions to get better Loot Boxes which will give you better equipment.

Loot Boxes are an excellent progression system in Destiny 2 and Bungie should have stuck to those instead of adding microtransactions to the game. If Loot Boxes were not present it would seem unnecessary to participate in missions to unlock new abilities and gear.

A disappointing aspect of the game are shaders. Shaders give you the ability to change your armor’s color. The issue is that Shaders can only be used once. You can not change color customization whenever you want to and it makes you not want to use them in the first place. I never used any shaders because Destiny 2 does not give me a reason to, which is a shame as some of them are visually appealing.

Another issue is that you may encounter the same shaders in loot boxes as you progress through the game. It would be nice to be able to find unique and different shaders as you go through the various missions.


Impressive Graphics and Optimization

Destiny 2 looks amazing. From the environment to the lighting effects, the game is an eye-pleaser. I do not know how Bungie did it but they have created a stunning looking game, which runs amazing on Pc. Never having played Destiny 2 on a console, I do not know how the game feels and looks on PS$ or XBox but I can confirm that the Destiny 2 on Pc is extremely smooth because Bungie has been developing the Pc port of the game from the ground up.

This was something that was expected due to the release date for the Pc version of Destiny 2 being October the 24th almost 1 1/2 months later than the console version. Nevertheless, Bungie did an amazing job of bringing the Destiny universe to the Pc with the release of Destiny 2.




The Verdict

Destiny 2 is a great game improving upon every aspect of its predecessor. The game feels amazing on Pc, looks stunning and has lots of potentials. Classes and Characters are unique and the story although short is great with the 3 main characters leaving their blueprint in the progression of the story. Cayde-6 deserves to be mentioned separately because his sense of humor gives the game a different flavor and approach. Destiny 2 is fun to play and will make you grind through the game enjoying the amazing shooting experience.

On the flipside, Destiny 2 is plagued by a beautiful but empty and non-engaging world, low variety of guns and armor, bad AI development, and shady microtransactions. The game’s story feels incomplete and the DLC releases should actually be included in the main game. Dividing your player base is not a good tactic and will not make you profit in the long run, which is something EA and DICE have realized with Battlefield 1 and changed with the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront 2.



The Good:

  • Impressive Graphics and Optimization
  • Good story-telling
  • Loot boxes
  • General gameplay
  • Unique classes and Characters
  • Cayde-6
  • Enjoyable and Fun


The Bad:

  • Low variety in guns and armor
  • Bad AI Development
  • Empty World
  • Shaders
  • Guns feel the same
  • DLC and Microtransactions



Final Score: 7/10



If you liked my review, make sure to leave a comment down below. What is your opinion of Destiny 2? Do you like it or hate it? Let me know in the comment section below.






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