Product: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING ACX 3.0  Evga Gtx 1070                                               

Price:     525 $ ( 461 Euros)                       

Place To Buy:  E-bay
Warranty : 3 years from EVGA
Rating : 9,5/10

Evga Geforce Gtx 1070 Review  

When a Pc gamer or enthusiast looking for a graphics card, what is he actually looking for? Most gamers are not rich, they’re just looking for a great graphics card, which delivers in terms of performance and isn’t too expensive for the performance it delivers.

That’s why I’ve decided to review this awesome graphics card, the Evga Geforce Gtx 1070, based on Nvidia’s latest GPU architecture, Pascal.

A welcome question would be why not go with the Gtx 1080, which is much more capable than its little brother?  Well, from a price to performance standpoint it is better to go with the Gtx 1070 because it is capable of gaming at 1080p 144 Hz, as well as delivering great performance at 1440p 60 Hz on modern titles while being fairly well-priced.

Evga is a company which is selling high-quality Pc components from graphics cards to Power supplies. Their name is equivalent to quality and has gained trust within the Pc community.  


The graphics card features 8 Gb of GDDR5 memory and comes with a base clock of 1506 Mhz and a boost clock of 1683 Mhz. It offers excellent cooling due to its ACX 3.0 fans, which are really delivering a quiet and effective gaming experience. The card is DX12 compatible and VR Ready and comes equipped with 1920 Cuda cores as well as 256,3 GHz bandwidth.

Pascal GPUs offer high performance with little power consumption and EVGA’s version is no different. With a total power draw of 150 watts, you should be okay with a 550-watt power supply. That is amazing, considering the fact that previous generations of graphics cards required up to 350 watts from the wall. Furthermore, it requires only one 8 pin connector, which makes the card compatible with almost any power supply on the market, even older ones. Add up the fact that the card is very quiet due to its improved fans and you will get an excellent card, which will last for many years to come.

The Gtx 1070 features Nvidia G-Sync technology, which makes it compatible with any G-Sync monitor on the market for a smooth frame-rate experience. There are 3 Display Port connectors on the card as well as 1 HDMI connector and one DVI-D connector. The card also features Nvidia’s GPU Boost 3.0 which enables the automated overclocking feature. What this does is actually automatically overclocking the card depending on hardware configuration and cooling capabilities. If you have a beefy cooler and good airflow inside your rig, you can push the card’s capabilities to its limits without touching any overclocking software to adjust voltage, core clock or memory clock. 

The part however where EVGA does best is its own software. Their Gtx 1070 features the new EVGA Precision X Oc software, specially designed for Pascal GPUs, as well as their Oc Scanner, which is part of the software. If you are into manually overclocking, EVGA makes it pretty easy for you by providing their own software, which lets you quickly adjust GPU Clock, Memory Clock, and Voltages. It also monitors the GPU temperature. With the Overclock Scanner, you can monitor and adjust your voltage settings and the voltage offset while monitoring your system when doing heavy GPU tasks like gaming or content creation. Their software is easily one of the best on the market and one  I’ve personally used for my GPU overclock. It is really easy to use and provides you with all the necessary features to monitor and adjust your GPU settings.


Evga has done a nice job of designing the card based on a white-grey-black color scheme making the card an eye-pleaser. The neutral colors also fit in most rigs, as most gamers (such as myself) don’t like too many or fancy colors. So if you have a black-red build, a black-white one or even a blue-black rig you should be ok with this card as neutral colors, like white and gray, fit in almost everywhere.

Evga has designed a beautiful back plate which has their logo “carved” into the backplate while providing great airflow by leaving lots of space free for air regulation and circulation. Basically, it is the most beautiful backplate I’ve seen, even better than MSI’s back plate logo which is also visually appealing.

Evga’s Gtx 1070 is a two-slot card and, therefore, should fit in almost all cases, including mini ones.  Many times GPU manufacturers make their cards 3 slots long, due to the incorporation of a beefy cooler or huge heat pipes, creating problems for small case owners who would want to fit their new graphics card into smaller spaces.
EVGA knows that and has come up with a card which fits in any case.



If you are ready to buy a Pascal Gtx 1070 and don’t know which one to buy, which can be sometimes overwhelming, taking into consideration the amount of Gtx 1070s out there, there is no need to look any further than EVGA, as they offer a premium-quality product, with a 3-year warranty, tons of features such as their own software as well as G-Sync compatibility and GPU 3.0 Boost. All that combined with a power efficient, two slot card is the best decision you can make for yourself, which you will certainly not regret.

The only reason why I don’t give this card a 10/10 is the price.  There are many Gtx 1070’s from other manufacturers which are a little bit cheaper but don’t offer premium features like EVGA. In general, all 1070s hover around the 450$ mark. If the card was a couple of dollars cheaper it would get a perfect 10/10.

Nevertheless, this card is a GREAT BUY and would be my personal preference if I were to buy a Gtx 1070.

I hope you liked my review. If you have any questions or would like to leave your opinion here, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.


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