Far Cry 5 is the next installment in the Far Cry franchise, initially released back in 2004. Far Cry is a franchise created by Ubisoft with millions of fans around the world and well known for its open-world design, where players are given the freedom to explore and play the game the way they want to. Far Cry 5 was finally released on March the 27th with its initial release date planned for the end of February, but Ubisoft decided to postpone it for another month in order to polish it further.

In this post, you will get a detailed review of the newest Far Cry 5 game for PC with information regarding the background story, characters, location and game mechanics as well as details about gunplay and graphics.

The Location and Story behind Far Cry 5

Ubisoft never fails to surprise the Far Cry fanbase regarding the location and story of the game. With locations such as Rook Islands in Far Cry 3 and Lakshmana in Far Cry 4, fans are accustomed to exploring the beautiful Far Cry world in exotic and remote places. This time, however, Ubisoft made it clear that they wanted to move the franchise into “known territory” by choosing Montana for the next open-world Far Cry experience.

“Hope County” is a fictional place in Montana and Ubisoft has been talking about establishing Far Cry 5 in a rural community in today’s America. Hope County is a fictional place which, however, captures the natural beauty of Montana with the game designers having spent months taking photos of the environment and wildlife in Montana. Hope County is a small town cut off from the rest of the world with its own rules and way of life. It resembles a small community of people more than anything.

The Villains in the game (The Cult)

The story in Far Cry 5 is very intriguing and even slightly touches on religious subjects without diving too deeply into them. The main villain is Joseph Seed (The Father), who, along with his two brothers (John Seed-Jacob Seed) and sister (Faith Seed) have established a cult in Hope County slowly convincing people that the end of the world is imminent and that the only path to salvation is devoting their lives to this religion-based cult and marking anyone who opposes them as sinners. The cult burns houses, gather resources for the unavoidable end and punishes non-believers by carving their sins onto their own body.

The intriguing part is that Joseph Seed (The Father) and leader of the cult actually believes that he is god-sent and the chosen one to prepare humanity for the end of the world and along with his brothers and sister spreads chaos and suffering across Hope County. Their supporters are called “Peggies” by the “Resistance” which you will inevitably become a part of. Jacob, John, and Faith all contribute to the cult in their own way. While Jacob (the bigger brother) and John use violence to imply obedience to the cult and crush the resistance, Faith uses a drug called “bliss” to lure enemies into an imaginary world. Jacob is a former military marksman devoted to offering military training to the cult and according to the game’s characters, he does an excellent job.

The Bliss is a drug cultivated by the cult and is their manipulation tool. People being dragged into the Bliss never want to leave as they are in a state of nirvana, with no connection to the outside world. Many of them believe they are truly in Heaven, relieved from the sorrow, suffering, and pain of the real world.

Hope County is divided into three regions with each region being controlled by one of the three brothers. How you will proceed and which region you will encounter first is up to you and has no impact on the outcome of the game.

Your role in Far Cry 5

At the beginning of the game, you, a junior deputy in the U.S police department are situated on a helicopter flying to Hope County along with the County’s Sheriff Whitehorse and the U.S Marshall Burke and Deputy Hudson. You have an arrest warrant for Joseph Seed (The Father) who is being accused of kidnapping and raping and should be arrested immediately. Upon landing, you are confronted with angry cult supporters who are definitely unhappy with your presence in Hope County.

You are being led to the church where The Father holds a speech in front of his supporters stating that the end of the world is near and that you and your team have come to take him away from his community and he ends his speech with the words: “God won’t let them take me”.  After that Marshall Burke commands you to handcuff Joseph Seed who does not react at all after hearing that he will be arrested, as if he knew what was going to happen. After handcuffing him, you lead him back to the helicopter where you are supposed to take him out of Hope County and put him in jail.

After exiting the church, you are confronted with angry Peggies who want to get their leader back. You manage to get into the helicopter and take off but an explosion causes the helicopter to crash and the cultists try to catch every one of you. The Marshall, the Sheriff and you manage to get away while deputy Hudson gets caught. You manage to make a run for it, similar to the beginning of Far Cry 3, and meet the Marshall in a house surrounded by the enemy. You get into a car together and try to shoot your way out of Hope County. Unfortunately, you fail and the Marshall gets caught by the enemy while you are rescued by “the Dutch”, a local resident informing you about the cult’s plan, their leadership and that every one of your friends has been delivered to one of the brothers.

You, then, head out into the world and start freeing Hope County from the cult’s presence trying to get the attention of the Seed family.


The game offers the player the opportunity to explore the world in their own way

While Far Cry is an open world game allowing its players to explore the vast world freely, never before has a Far Cry game been so willing to let the player play the way he wants to and finding his own ways to get things done. Far Cry 5 is a game which is both reminiscent of previous Far Cry games but also introduces new interesting features making the game a worthwhile experience.

Check out the Far Cry 5 Trailer in the video below:

Let me list  some of the differences found in Far Cry 5 in comparison to previous titles:

  • The game’s progression system is not dependent on climbing radio towers anymore. The player needs to explore the world himself, talk to people, do tasks and become a vital part of the world he is engaging in.


  • Far Cry 5 is a mixture of previous Far Cry games with a lot more stuff added to the mix. You can hunt animals, fly helicopters and planes, drive cars and trucks. You can even go fishing with the best fishing mechanic I have ever seen in a game (basically, it is the first time I have seen fishing being incorporated into a game, but that is just me). This open world feels rich with plenty of things to do, so you never get bored, which leads us to a major drawback of the game: There is TOO much going on at the same time. You cannot drive without encountering a Peggie patrol every few seconds. Ubisoft has been accused of delivering beautiful but empty open world games in the past but with Far Cry 5, they overdid it. It would be nice to have a balance of exploration and engagement in combat.


  • Far Cry 5 offers character customization for the first time. After being rescued by the Dutch and asked to get rid of your police clothes, you are being led to a customization menu where you can change your outfit. From shirts and trousers to hats and gloves, you can give your character your personal touch. Ubisoft stated that they wanted to make every player feel unique as they are the ones exploring the world and playing the game.


  • You can add characters in the game to your rooster in order to support you in your mission. From the cute but lethal dog, Boomer, who helps you identify, kill and steal from enemies to air support by Nick Rye or the sniper Grace Armstrong, you will never feel alone in any mission as you can deploy in-game characters in order to help you on your mission. You can even deploy local residents you just helped or liberated after they got caught by the Peggies. On the other hand, you can ask a real friend to join you in the game from start to finish. He participates in your game and keeps all the credits and unlocked weapons earned which are added to his profile. How cool is that?


  • You need to raise awareness of your presence by engaging in the open world and earn resistance points. After reaching 13000 points in each region, you get the opportunity to kill the member of the Seed family in command of the region. In between, after reaching a specific number of points the region leader will send a patrol after you to catch you. If you get caught, you will see a cutscene between you and the villain. For example, if you get caught by Faith you will be dragged into her “Bliss World” from which you have to get out of.

The variety of guns, explosive materials and vehicles is astounding

In Far Cry 5, you have the opportunity to use a big variety of guns: sniper rifles, shotguns, LMG’s, assault rifles and pistols. If you had been bored of the basic gun variety in Far Cry Primal, do not worry as Far Cry 5 has everything you could possibly want from a first-person shooter game. Gun shops allow you to refill your ammo, customize your appearance and buy explosives like grenades, molotovs and remote and sticky explosives. Guns are fully customizable too by attaching scopes and silencers and you can also buy skins with in-game currency.

A big downside of the game is the implementation of loot boxes you can buy with real money. Although everything can be bought with in-game currency, loot boxes are still a fact for Far Cry 5. While this may annoy some players, I have never felt the need to spend real money to progress in the game. After all, 2018 is the year of loot boxes, especially after the release of Star Wars Battlefront II. You cannot avoid them, unfortunately.

Vehicle customization is more versatile than ever as you can drive American trucks, cars, fly airplanes and helicopters and much much more, which means that there are a  plethora of ways to play a mission. You can go in stealthy or blasting or you can order your friend Nick Rye to assist you whipping out your enemies from above while you sit in a plane. Alternatively, you can get into the Widowmaker (huge American indestructible truck) and shred your opponents to pieces. It is all up to you in the end. Choices are endless.


Graphics and Optimization are what you would expect from a Far Cry game in 2018

The first thing you notice in Far Cry 5 from the beginning is its beautifully designed world. Graphics are impressive and eye-catching. From trees and rivers to wildlife and characters, everything looks spectacular. Ubisoft has stepped up their game since last year’s release of Assassins Creed Origins. I was amazed by how vivid and colorful their latest Assassins Creed game looked and how they were able to capture the beauty of ancient Egypt and bring it back to life in front of our lives. With Far Cry 5, they achieved the same thing. Hope County truly looks amazing and you feel like actually being in Montana.

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On top of that, the optimization is amazing. I never experienced any frame drops while playing the game and I was constantly getting 90-100 FPS on Ultra Preset in 1440p with an overclocked Gtx 1080 and the i7 8700k. The game does handle lower specs just as good with a Gtx 1060 or RX 580 being way over 60 fps in 1080p on Ultra settings. Nothing to complain about.


Far Cry 5 greatest missed opportunity

Far Cry 5, although being a great game, has missed out on a huge opportunity which would leverage the gaming experience substantially. The fact that you can customize your individual character is a step in the right direction, however, the character itself is an empty individual deprived of self-awareness and the ability to express his opinion on the events that are unfolding around him. With so many things happening, it is a shame that your character is not given the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings throughout the game.

I know that it is a difficult task to incorporate dialogues into the story and let the player choose which outcome he prefers, but it is in no way impossible as open-world titles like The Witcher 3 have done exactly that and The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best, if not the best, open-world game ever created. Far Cry 5 could have grasped this opportunity and be an even better game where the player has complete control over the gaming experience and story itself. The free, open-world experience would be greatly enhanced and, in my opinion, Far Cry 5 could have been considered on the best open-world games ever, because, in almost every other aspect, the game is flawless.

Far Cry 5 Arcade Mode

An interesting fact is that Far Cry 5 comes with a multiplayer experience called  Arcade mode. It is not your typical multiplayer game mode with classic PvP or PvE game modes but a continuously growing platform where the creators of the game add new multiplayer maps and single & co-op single player modes. They also let you vote for each map whether you liked it or not and create more maps based on the evaluation the community provides them.

Arcade Mode can be accessed while playing the main campaign and the points and accessories collected in Arcade Mode are transferred over to the main game. Arcade Mode should be viewed as part of the main campaign instead of a stand-alone multiplayer experience accessed after finishing the campaign. I was skeptical at first, but Arcade Mode is one of the best aspects of Far Cry 5. If you encounter slot machines in the main game, just remember that these machines grant you access to Arcade Mode and I recommend you try it out. It is worth it.

Check out a short video on what Far Cry 5 Arcade mode has to offer:


Music and Sound in Far Cry 5 are absolutely phenomenal

The music and sound in Far Cry 5 deserves a separate mentioning. First of all, Ubisoft has put a great emphasis on the sound effects in the game. Environmental sounds are perfect from rivers and walking through high grass to animal sounds and the voice of people in the game. What really stands out, however, is the music in the game. Songs have been chosen especially to give you a hint of the game’s story. Each song in the game, when listened to carefully, provides you with information on either the main story or a character in the game. Sound effects and music are an important part of AAA titles, but Far Cry 5 is on another level mainly due to the implementation of music which directly relates to the story of Far Cry 5.


Far Cry 5 is the best open-world experience in the franchise

If you have been skeptical about picking up another Far Cry game, Far Cry 5 is the game that should give you enough diversity to have fun with Far Cry again. If you are a long-time fan of the franchise, this is definitely a must for you. It captures every positive aspect of pevious titles and, at the same time, manages to be a step in the right direction by differentiating itself from its predecessors. Graphics, sound and music are captivating, the open-world looks stunning and the game features a nicely written story with interesting side missions which will keep you coming back. Expect 30-40 hours of gameplay in order to complete everything.

Character customization and the option to play the main story along with a friend are long-awaited features which are finally implemented in Far Cry 5. Additionally, gone are the days where you had to climb radio towers in order to progress in the game as progression is tied to exploration and engaging in the open world.

Far Cry 5 is a step in the right direction for Ubisoft. Unfortunately, the game fails when compared to open-world titles like The Witcher 3, for example, as it does not give the player the ability to engage in conversations and interact with the people in Hope County. After Ubisoft’s announcement that they added customization options to make every player feel unique, I believed that they would implement this feature. Apart from that, the fact that the game does not let you breath at all with enemies constantly trying to kill you is a thing that Ubisoft should work on. They made a huge transition from creating beautiful but empty open world games to overactive enemies coming at you with full force every few seconds. A balance between the two would be appreciated.



  1. Great story
  2. Gameplay
  3. Graphics & Optimization
  4. Sound & Music
  5. Variety of guns and vehicles
  6. Character Customization
  7. Arcade Mode


  1. Too much going on at times
  2. Your character can not engage in conversations
  3. Can get repetitive
  4. Loot Box system


Final Verdict: 8,5/10


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