Prey (2017)

After the excessive amount of success of DOOM (2016)   Bethesda came up with another impressive title which is going to get gamers sitting in front of their rigs for many hours.

Prey is the story of Morgan Yu, the brother of Alex Yu who is positioned on a spacestation around Mars in the future year 2033. Waking up in his apartment  he is being told to find his brother , Alex Yu ,who is the CEO of the space station, in order to participate in some experiments and tests. In the middle of the test conducted by a team of scientists, they are attacked by an alien form of life who attacks humans and can transform itself into any object it wants.

After experiencing this, Morgan Yu wakes up in his apartment again only to be notified by email with the words LEAVE NOW that something is going on. After wearing his suit he gets out of his apartment only to discover that the spacestation has been captured by the Aliens. With human bodies lying around in plain sight and a voice called “january” speaking to him through voice mail, he finds out that he must regain his memory, which he has lost, in order to find out what happened on the station and how he can defeat this new form of life which are hostile towards humans.

His brother eventually reaches out to him telling him that if these creatures reach the earth it would mean the end of mankind.

Morgan discovers that he has the ability to defeat or at least engage these creatures by implementing “Neuromods” into his body. Those are Alien’s abilities which he can implement into his body. With only a few weapons available to him, like the “Gloo Cannon” which can glew the enemy and immobilize him, he wanders through the whole space station trying to figure out what exactly happened, how all the different puzzle pieces fit together, what his brother is up to and how to regain his memory. Morgan Yu has left behind clues for himself which he must find which can help him retrieve his memories.


Prey is a thrilling, mysterious game which will leave the player on the edge for many hours. With the alien’s ability to disguise themselves as any objects the player has to be aware of his surroundings. They can turn into bottles, cups,letters and any object they want. The main story gameplay is at least 15 hours long and if you count in all the interesting side quests which will level up the experience even more you can easily reach 30 hours of gameplay.


The reason why Prey is a beautiful and exciting game is because it gives the player absolute freedom to do whatever he wants. There are multiple ways to enter a door, kill an enemy, do main or side quests and engage in conversations with other(surviving) people(most of them are dead btw). This freedom is something that i rarely encounter in games as the game consists of a certain storyline which can be altered by the player in any way he wants. And as you go through the story and do side quests, which, in my opinion, are equally worth if not better than the main quests, you will discover the sheer beauty of this game.

However there are certain drawbacks especially in combat design. The combat feels poorly executed as you’re not given many options to tackle your enemy. Aditionally, you will notice that you that there is not much ammo available and the ways of resupplying ammo for your different guns are all over the place. If you are not careful you can pass by a bunch of gloo cannon ammo which you desperately need in order to defeta your enemy.

Which brings me to the last major flaw. The enemy is way too overpowered, even at Normal difficulty. Many times the only way to go through a region is sneaking away from the enemy as you are way too low on ammo or even out of it. And your enemy is way too overpowered. This is why this game is called Prey. it’s just the way you feel after a few hours into this game.

Optimization and Graphics are very good. With a Gtx 970 you can play with 60 fps on 1440 p. It’s not the most visually impressive game i’ve seen however the graphics are well done and good looking. At some points in the game i am really impressed by the scenery, for example when you fly out into space in order to reach a new region in the game. You will not be disappointed by the looks of the game.


To sum up my points:

Advantages                                                       Disadvantages

  • Good atmosphere                                                     1) Bad combat
  • impressive plot                                                         2) Overpowered enemy
  • very interesting side quests                                   3) No abundancy in ammunition
  • freedom of playing
  • Good graphics and optimization

Overall, this game is a must-buy for anyone who like to play games in his own way and like games which are mysterious, engaging and thrilling at the same time.

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