Titanfall 2 is another first-person shooter that was released in November of 2016 by EA

and Respawn. Sadly, it was overlooked by many people who are into FPS games, because the game’s launch date was set in between the release of Battlefield 1 and COD: Infinite Warfare,  two big first-person shooters many gamers had been waiting for.

So is the game any good? Oh yes, it is. Very good actually.

Titanfall 2 is the new title Respawn launched as a sequel to its predecessor, Titanfall, back in 2014. The game’s core mechanics have been drastically improved over its predecessor and a Single Player campaign was added, which many fans had requested. Multiplayer has been improved, too, as the game delivers a great experience in Multiplayer.
But let’s get into more depth, shall we?


    • Single Player 


In Titanfall 2, you are playing as a pilot named Jack Cooper who follows in the footsteps of his mentor and trainer who dies on the battlefield against an evil organization, called the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Jack Cooper gets to know his first Titan as a pilot( every pilot has a titan to protect him and battle with him) called BT-7274, which he inherits to be his co-worker in battle. After battling through various obstacles and surviving till the end, Jack and his BT7274 develop a personal relationship, which is apparent throughout the campaign. Although being relatively small in length(10-15 hours), it really delivers a great experience and story.

Respawn has done a great job with delivering an impressive single player experience, which will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until its last minute. The dialogues are smart, funny and intriguing. The personal relationship, which builds up between Jack Cooper and BT-7274 leaves the impression that Titans are more than just metal and technology. They actually sympathize with their pilot and are a true partner in battle.

  • Multiplayer 



In Titanfall 2, the player controls pilots and Titans which are equipped with different abilities. With continuous playing, both the pilot and the titan level up and gain new abilities, which can be combined to suit the gamer’s play style.

The game mechanics allow for continuous jumping from building to building, rooftop to rooftop. The player is not obliged to touch the ground at all. This fact, in combination with the game’s speed leads to quick multiplayer rounds, which never gets boring. Whenever a player gets his ultimate to 100%, he can call his Titan to help him in battle.

Multiplayer game modes

There are various game modes in Titanfall 2. Here is a quick overview:

  1. Amped Hardpoint:  Players need to capture a hard point on the map, which grants them double XP.
  2. Bounty Hunt: Whenever an enemy is killed, you earn cash. The cash must be deposited at certain points on the map in order to be added to the team’s points. If the player gets killed in the process, the bounty gets lost, too.
  3. Pilots vs Pilots: A pilot-only game mode. No Titan’s are allowed in this game mode.
  4. Capture The Flag: The team, which first gets 3 enemy flags and returns them to their base, wins.
  5. Attrition: In addition to the pilots, AIs are brought into the map, which grants the pilots some easy kills and extra points.
  6. Skirmish: On this game mode, the actual battle between the teams happens on a smaller level.
  7. Last Titan Standing: Every pilot starts off with his titan. The last titan standing wins.
  8. Free For All: This is the so-called “Deathmatch” in Battlefield. Everyone tries to kill each other.
  9. Coliseum: Tickets are required for pilots to enter into the Coliseum, which, then turns into a killing field between Pilots.

Titanfall 2 has a consistent and non-divided player base as Respawn stated back in 2016 that all DLC will be free, which is often an issue as EA tends to include Season Passes in their games, which gamers need to buy in order to unlock the additional content. Respawn has done a great job of understanding that splitting up the player base has a negative impact on both the players and the business.


The game delivers great graphics which are apparent from the design of waters, mountains, trees, and grass. The Titans, as well as the pilots, have been designed with great detail. The weapon design is also something worth mentioning, as it really stands out for each individual weapon.

The only thing, that could be improved, is the bad Anti-Aliasing, which often turns the beautiful scenery into a glitchy landscape. Other than that, no complaints.



Every single sound in-game from the weapon acoustics, to the different titan abilities has been explicitly designed. Even the wall running on the buildings has been well executed.


It is the optimization which stands out in Titanfall 2. If you consider the beautiful graphics in combination with 100 fps on average in 2560×1440 with an R9 390, you understand that Respawn has put sheer effort into optimizing the game to perfection.     The game runs excellent even on older hardware. Due to the fact that it is a GPU-intensive game, Cpu performance should not be an issue when trying to run this game at decent settings. 



There is really not much negative to say regarding Titanfall 2. The game exceeds in all aspects and should be considered by those who actually enjoy Call Of Duty games, but are not happy with COD’s latest future offerings. The game mechanics are very similar to the two games.

The single player experience is one of the best I had in recent years in any game. Multiplayer is packed with features like various entertaining game modes, interesting upgrade paths for both Titans and Pilots as well as a quick and enjoyable gameplay, which leave the player excited for more and more.

Graphics are beautiful, except for the awful Anti-Aliasing effects which can be annoying sometimes, but that’s up to you to decide.

Optimization is impressive as the game runs well even on older rigs.

The sound effects are sheer awesome, as Respawn has taken into consideration every little detail in delivering the best sound experience for the player.

The only disadvantages that I could find in Titanfall 2 are the AA effects and the small duration of the Single Player Campaign, which, although being entertaining and excellent, leaves the player craving for more.




RATING: 9/10

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