Still not sure?

If you are skeptical like I was, I recommend going to your nearest computer store and try out a mechanical keyboard for yourself. The best thing to do is having a mechanical and membrane keyboard side by side and comparing them.

You will notice the difference right away. If you still want to get a mechanical keyboard but can not afford to give away 195 pounds, in a few days I will be reviewing the CK104 by Motospeed, which costs around 50-60 US dollars. Getting a much cheaper but, nonetheless, a great mechanical keyboard like the CK 104 will make you start realizing how much of a game changer a mechanical keyboard really is. It is just like the transition from a 60 Hz panel to a 144 Hz one, which I talk about here. Once you get a 144 Hz monitor you can not get back to a standard 60 Hz panel. The same thing applies to mechanical and non-mechanical (membrane) keyboards. I decided to buy the Corsair’s K70 keyboard after having used the CK 104 for about a year. I still use them both today.



Buying Pc components and peripherals are all about quality and Corsair’s K95 Platinum RGB Rapid Fire Cherry MX Speed is by far the best mechanical keyboard you can buy. Packed with features like full RGB lighting support,  a detachable dual wrist rest, 6 fully customizable macro keys, and Anti-Ghosting technology this particular keyboard will improve your gaming experience quite a lot. Your typing speed will increase significantly and the general feel of using the K95 is spectacular. The keyboard’s looks are impressive and if you are into RGB-Lighting you will be able to come up with color combinations matching your PC’s colors.

 The Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Rapid Fire Cherry MX Speed is built with high-quality aluminum and Corsair is offering a two-year warranty for their premium mechanical keyboard. If you can not afford to spend too much but still want to get a mechanical keyboard, you should check out Motospeed’s CK 104 and do not forget to check out my website frequently in order to read my review of the CK104, which is coming shortly. I will add the link beneath this review if you are interested.

I hope that my review was helpful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or/and send me an email to and I will reply as soon as possible. I would also be very interested in hearing your opinions and experiences with mechanical keyboards.